Sellers and Buyers

The value a Realtor brings in the transfer of real estate is significantly misunderstood.  Without a Realtor involved most sellers sell for less (avg 16%) and buyers often misunderstand contract fine print or over look some criteria that they regret later.  While these things can still happen with a Realtor involved the incidence is much less frequent.

I am a full service real estate consultant (see list of services below).  I’ve personally bought and sold over a hundred properties locally and invested both domestically and internationally.  As a Realtor I was in the top 3% of all list & sell agents in 2008.

More importantly, I put your objectives first and go at your pace.  I still remember working with a Realtor who did not care about me when I bought my first house at 27.  I never want to be THAT Realtor!

For Sellers:

Legal Requirements to get house on market properly

  • Agency disclosure forms
  • Listing agreement – Exclusive Right to Sell and Addendums
  • Sellers disclosure statement
  • Sellers expenses and net sheet
  • MLS profile sheet
  • Lead based paint forms (If applicable)
  • Company policy explanation
  • Fair housing explanation
  • Multiple offer policy
  • Participation with other brokers
  • Discuss purchase of next home – Where will you be moving?

Offer Evaluation:

  • Complete evaluation of written offers
  • Discussion on multiple offers
  • Delivery of documents to appropriate parties


  • Negotiation assistance
  • Finalize offers

Home Inspections:

  • Coordinate with buyer or buyers agent for home inspection
  • Review buyer home inspection report
  • Review of contractual and non contractual repairs

Renegotiations on Misc. Items:

  • Contract renegotiations as needed

Termination of Offers:

  • Paperwork on termination of contract and release of escrow funds

For Buyers:

Legal Requirements to represent you

  • Agency Disclosure Forms
  • Agency agreement for full understanding
  • Company policy explanation
  • Fair housing explanation
  • Multiple offer policy

Needs Analysis

  • Understand your needs and wants for buying

Full market search

  • MLS listed properties
  • FSBO properties
  • Investor and non-listed properties

Full Property analysis before buying

  • Review of MLS data
  • Review of Tax record
  • Review of Court House Retrieval Reports
  • Adjacent property analysis
  • Pending government assessments
  • Utility expenses