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Real Estate Descriptions:

Single Family Home:  SFH,  A free standing residential building usually on a lot larger then the structure itself.

Government Foreclosure:  The government of the United States insures most loans written by banks and other lenders in the possible event of a default.  The reason why the government insures loans is to provide an incentive to lenders to make loans at risk levels they otherwise probably would not make.  Examples of these are little or no money down loans, very low interest rate loans, weak credit requirements, etc.

There are always a various selection of these homes in the Spartanburg and Boiling Springs area.

MLS Foreclosures:  Foreclosed homes that are listed for sale in the MLS (Mutiple Listing Service) consist of government foreclosures and general bank and other lender foreclosures.  The reason why there are two different searches above is because the property listings come from different sources.  A property may be listed in one source or the other, or even both.  For this reason it is important to check both searches regularly since they are updates daily.

Condominium:  Condo.  The best way to think of a condominium is to think of an apartment building where each unit is individually owned.  While the owner owns the “walls” and living space of their unit, they share ownership of the hallways, entryways, roof, and other structures with the other owners of the condo units.  This is done usually through some sort of legal home owners association structure that manages these element of the real estate.

Land:  Land can be almost anything that is earth.  It comes in all sizes from too small to build on to large tracts of acreage.  It can be improved with utilities and roads or raw as a mountain range.  It can be suitable for commercial purposes or pristine for hunting game.  Land generally includes all the mineral rights below the surface to the airspace straight up above the parcel.

Mobile Home:  Are prefabricated homes built in factories and transported to the location where it will be lived in.  They are designed to be used as single family residences.  While they are generally not moved once put into place they are designed to be transfered to another location if one desires to do so.  They are constructed with strong trailer frames and axels which allow them to be moved.

Multi-Family Properties: These are properties designed to house many different families into a single structure.  Examples of these are: Duplexes (2 homes), Triplexes (3 homes) Quadraplex or Four-Plex  (4 homes) often called quads, Apartment buildings 5 to hundreds of homes.  Multi-family properties are designed to be rental investment real estate.

Commercial Real Estate:  Commercial real estate can be land or buildings with the purpose of generating profit that mostly comes from rental income or a capitol gain.  Commercial real estate is an expense when used as an asset in a business that uses the real estate to make money.  As an example, the Boiling Springs Wal Mart would love to sell all the products they do without the cost they incur maintaining all the land their building and parking lot sits on.